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Monthly Archives: April 2011

ARTHEA: Italien: Video-Kunstführer für iPod: “The New Language of Art”

z.B.: Modigliani:Dame mit Kragen 

zum Link hier clicken – >

“Dame mit Kragen” ist 1 von 320 “Kunst-video-pillen” in 7 Sprachen


(c) courtesy RGJ

presenting: Bernd Benecke

  * Bernd Benecke is the head of Audio-Description at Bayerischer Rundfunk – the only broadcaster in Germany with an Audio-Description Editor. BR delivers around 30 percent of AD on German TV and DVDs and also for some cinema presentations. Bernd Benecke started with Audio Description in 1989 when the first movie was described in Germany. He worked as an Audio Description author and narrator for movie distributors, different TV-stations and since 1997 for Bayerischer Rundfunk, where he built up the AD department. Today he mainly trains the authors, revises Audio Descriptions and directs the narrating and sound mixing process. He is one of the authors of the German Audio Description guidelines and heads workshops in countries around the world (Germany, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa).

Bernd Benecke’s home page is

for more, here’s an interview with Bernd: click on the link >

 Audio Description_ A Still Much-Unknown Discipline_Bernd Benecke


maybe we can invite Bernd to Rome for a seminar/workshop soon.

stay tuned to VPI!


VPI presents: Joel Snyder,  Audio Description Associates LLC, USA


What is Audio Description?

People who are vision impaired need not be culturally disadvantaged. Audio Description (AD) provides a verbal version of the visual image. It’s a narration of all the visual elements-action, costumes, settings, images-of theater, television/film, museum exhibitions, and other events. Visually impaired patrons experience all the visually engaging elements of cultural events, the rich variety of colors, lighting effects, levels, gestures, and facial expressions that others often take for granted; critical bits of information that a person who has low vision formerly could only experience through the whispered asides from a sighted companion. 

to  read more : click on the link >

read more : About Joel Snyder here >

Let’s plan on inviting Joel to Rome for a series of seminars and workshops as soon as we’re launched (and our studio is operational)

check out ADA’s cool logo: