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Monthly Archives: January 2011


we’ve been asked to produce the greek version.

VPI is looking for greek talent  (pros only)

 Warner Bros. / Dark Castle / Doppiaggio italiano: CDC/Sefit 

 direttore:Roberto Gammino

Alessandro Rossi (Liam Neeson/ Dr. Martin Harris); Marco Mete ( Martin B. / Aidan Quinn); Franceso Prando (Prof. Bressler / Sebastian Koch); Vittorio De Angelis (Mido Hamada / Prince Shada); Federica De Bortoli (January Jones / Mrs. Elizabeth Harris), Claudia Catani (Gina /Diane Krueger) Bruno Alessandro (Bruno Ganz / Herr Juergen); Luciano De Ambrosis ( Frank Langella / Rodney Cole); Edwin A. Francis: german language consultant and dialogue coach & Matthias Weidenhoefer/Contro Room Guard (et. al.); various german voices: Ralph Palka, Alessandro Budroni; Julia Breiderhoff


* in the NYT  (18/02/11)  the review by Manhola Dargis makes THIS out of “Unknown” : (quote) << Yet despite its A-movie aspirations, as the chases continue and the plot holes widen, “Unknown” quickly settles into the familiar B-movie comfort zone, with mano-a-mano fights, missed phone calls, running and more running and a twist that keeps twisting until it breaks. >>

I personally enjoyed it as i also enjoyed working on the italian version ( with a whole bunch of top dubbers) It’s more than (quote) << amusing >> and it worx just fine. I’d give it a very entertaining A-grade (maybe an A  minus at the worst)



Ticket and booking info please contact:

the VPI Voice Professsionals Italy studio (location)

Via dei Quattro Cantoni, 28

the Google vtr photo is out of date!, as you can see from our snapshot above the Palazzo has been renovated recently.

 the VPI website (address) is: