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Roma : 7-12/02 2013

clown + shakespeare

presso ArciMalafronte , via Monti di Pietralata 16 (interessante x te come attore)

MERRY CONWAY ( si è formata a Londra con Trish Arnold (, leggendaria ricercatrice e insegnante di movimento per attori, basato sulle dinamiche degli swing. Ha poi ricevuto una borsa di studio da parte del National Endownment for Arts che le ha permesso di dedicarsi allo studio del clown, nella tradizione popolare e nel teatro, in particolare in Shakespeare. In questo seminario Merry Conway proporrà ai partecipanti esperienze di swing e clown, nel contesto di una lucida e colta visione della funzione sociale e artistica del clown, della sua sostanza esistenziale e della prospettiva da cui vede il mondo. Il clown vive nel fallimento e nella continua tensione di compiacere l’autorità (quale che sia); è questa la sua umana troppo umana natura ed è questa natura a renderlo simpatico, a farci ridere di noi stessi (da Shakespeare a Beckett) mentre ridiamo delle sue azioni maldestre. Ai partecipanti verranno dunque offerte esperienze pratiche per trovare il proprio clown in un quadro storico culturale della figura del clown. Da qui si passerà all’approccio al testo drammatico dal punto di vista del clown, concentrandosi sui personaggi degli Artigiani del “Sogno di Una Notte d’Estate” di William Shakespeare.

Orai del seminario: dal 7 al 9 Febbraio: 10.00/13.00 – 14.30/17.30

10 Febbraio: 16.00/19.00

dall’11 al 12 Febbraio: 10.00/13.00 – 14.30/18.00

per un totale di 34 ore di lezione / costo: 440 euro

Il seminario sarà in inglese con traduzione in italiano

info e iscrizioni: /


this post is brought to you by courtesy of  VPI VoiceProfessionalsItaly


Acting Seminar

by Theodora Voutsa and Claudio Zarlocchi

 January 12th and 13th

via Galvani 29, Testaccio


Acting is searching for the truth.

To be a successful actor you need to be a successful human being.

You can not express emotions on stage if you can not express them in your real life.

Learn how to overcome the obstacles that are blocking you from becoming the person you Deserve to be.


This Acting Seminar is a combination of compact information on Personal Growth and Acting Techniques, easy and safe exercises which will help you better understand yourself and therefore your art.


  • How you can fight insecurities and raise to the level of success.

  • How you can raise your self confidence.

  • What is your product as an actor.



Acting is searching for the truth.

For reservations and information:

this post is brought to you by courtesy of  VPI VoiceProfessionalsItaly



 121212 in our hearts forever

151212 i’d like to remember Alison with a song we sang together ->

Ze 141212

this post is brought to you by courtesy of  VPI VoiceProfessionalsItaly



x download in .pdf format -> FN9 VOCE & TESTO

Alessandro Fabrizi

Alessandro Fabrizi


this post is brought to you by courtesy of  VPI VoiceProfessionalsItaly


trip to the moon

This new Jekolab app will take you to a land that men have always dreamed of: the Moon! Inspired by Jules Vernes’ books and by the amazing vintage movie Trip to the Moon by Georges Méliès, this is a sci-fi digital tale for kids, loaded with special effects and geeky quotes. And so…let the magic begin: jump on board and let Dr Barbenfouillis and his odd and funny crew lead you towards this new interactive journey! The spaceship is ready, hurry up!


VPI supplies the scripts and the voice artistes for the series of Jekolab childrens’ stories  in English, Italian, French, Spanish (Latin America) and Chinese!

click on the link  below to see the trailer in English ->

Special features:
– For kids aged 6+
– Fun and easy to use and play!
– Read and/or listen to the tale in English, Italian, French, Spanish (Latin America) and Chinese
– It also sports a special feature that lets you decide how to combine text and voice over languages.
– Wanna double the fun? Record the fairytale with your own voice, or that of your friends or even mom and dad’s.
– Be amazed by the colorful graphics and by the funny faces of all of the characters
– Interactions are here, there and everywhere: use your fingers, swipe, scroll and shake your device to discover them all.
– Drive Doctor B’s spaceship towards the moon but…be careful the sky is full of meteorites!
– Use the contextual help tool, and make sure you don’t miss anything
– It works on “airplane mode” too
– Possibility of turning the voice-over on / off.

The application has been developed and certified by the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Turin – Department of Educational and learning technologies.

And now … fasten your seat belts and let the adventure begin! Dottor B. and his crew can’t wait to play with you!

Because playing is a serious business and learning can be fun!
Jekolab on the press:

  • RAI 3 « contes pour tablette pour petits natifs du numérique »
  • L’UNITA « Jekoab », un monde d’Apps dédié aux enfants »
  • GRAZIA ” Jekolab et les applications iPhone et iPad et pour les plus petits”
  • L’ESPRESSO « La tablette commence dans le berceau »
  • FAMIGLIA CRISTIANA «livres illustrés et tablette un futur voyage ensemble »
  • L’AVVENIRE “une tablette de rêve, le projet de « Jekolab » et les Apps pour enfants conçus sur les conseils de parents”


this post is brought to you by courtesy of  VPI VoiceProfessionalsItaly


When David Tennant read ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ as part of the AudioGo 007 Reloaded series of classic Ian Fleming novels, he also recorded an exclusive interview… listen to it here ->


this post is brought to you by courtesy of  VPI VoiceProfessionalsItaly