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Monthly Archives: May 2012




22 maggio 2012 / martedì / ore 20.00

In occasione del 150° anniversario della nascita di Arthur Schnitzler, il Forum Austriaco di Cultura Roma e la compagna “Diritto & Rovescio”   propongono “Girotondo”,  mise en espace dell’erotica tragicommedia del grande scrittore viennese.

regia: Teresa Pedroni

Compagnia “Diritto & Rovescio” con Gianluigi Fogacci, Teresa Pascarelli, Alessandra Celi, Simone Faucci, Elena Stabile

Musica dal vivo:Maddalena Fogacci Celi

Musica di:Arturo Annecchino

assistente:Loredana Sottile

After the auditions in February,  the Arts in English project “Looking for Oliver and Friends’ has taken off with a bang! The first of ten workshops was held on Saturday 4 March much to the delight of the particpants and their parents. Since the snow prevented some people from attending auditions, Arts in English has decided to give another opportunity to any other kids aged between 10 and 14 to join in the workshops.



WHAT TIME?…..FROM 3pm (book your slot/more info at

call: 330926387

(original flyer)

Arts in English  ‘Oliver, The Show , to be performed in early December.


Each person auditioning will be asked to sing a song of their own choice (but preferably one from the show) and do some simple movement and read a few lines from the script (provided at the audition). Therefore please bring suitable clothing and shoes for movement, and a backing track if you don’t want to sing a cappella.
We are looking for the following characters:
OLIVER: A young boy (aged 10-12), more spirited than the others in the workhouse, also more trusting and innocent. No cockney accent required. Solo and chorus singing and movement.
MR. BUMBLE: A portly man, Bumble fancies himself a man of some great importance and distinction. Northern English or cockney accent. Solo singing (Baritone/Tenor) and chorus singing and movement.
MRS.CORBY/BUMBLE: A hard woman and a hopeless flirt. Northern English or cockney accent. Chorus singing and movement.
THE ARTFUL DODGER/JACK DAWKINS: A 12 to 14 year old slick and smooth London pickpocket, dirty but fed, he is the “artiste,” Fagin’s best boy. Cockney accent. Solo and chorus singing and movement.

FAGIN: A mean Jewish man whose even temper can change in an instant to flashes of near madness. He seems to care for his boys, but one can never be too sure about him.  Exaggerated Jewish accent. Sings solo and with boys.

NANCY: A “professional” girl aged from 20 to 40 who is helplessly in love with a man who could easily kill her. She is always on her guard, careful and in most ways, smart. Cockney accent. Mezzo-Soprano solo, chorus singing and movement.

BET: Nancy’s best friend, in her teens. Much smarter about life than Nancy, but unwilling to force her opinions on her friend. Cockney accent. Chorus singing and movement.

BILL SYKES: Nancy’s man and as mean as there is. Rarely lowers his guard or shows even the slightest kindness. Bill is a frightened man who trusts no-one. No singing or dancing.

MR. BROWNLOW: Oliver’s last living relative, a man of substance and high personal ideals. No singing or dancing.

MR BROWNLOW’s HOUSEKEEPER: Kindly, motherly figure who instantly believes in and looks after Oliver. Chorus singing and movement.


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Clips from the Edith Piaf show starring Maria Elena Infantino April 2012 at the Marilyn Monroe Theatre in Los Angeles

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