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Monthly Archives: February 2011

“SAILING WOMAN” Drei Frauen, ein Boot. Das ist das 4. Abenteuer von unseren “sailing women” durch das Mittelmeer. Sie legen von Korfu- Griechenland ab. In der 5. Folge geht’s von Korfu in Richtung Paxos.

Sailing Woman, 4. Folge: Korfu, Teil 1-5

Sailing Woman, 5. Folge: Paxos, Teil 1-5

auf die Links klicken:

Sailing Woman 1 – Korfu Teil 1 >

Sailing Woman 1 – Korfu Teil 2 >

Sailing Woman 1 – Korfu Teil 3 >

Sailing Woman 1 – Korfu Teil 4 >

Sailing Woman 1 – Korfu Teil 5 >

Sailing Woman 1 – Paxos Teil 1  >

Sailing Woman 1 – Paxos Teil 2  >

Sailing Woman 1 – Paxos Teil 3  >

Sailing Woman 1 – Paxos Teil 4 >

Sailing Woman 1 – Paxos Teil 5 >


With the recent closure of the Metropolitan cinema, lovers of English-language film have lost a major outlet here in Rome. However, the filmstudio in Trastevere has expressed an interest in developing a program of such films (both current and classical) and an informal working group (The Silver Screen in Rome) has been discussing with the Studio management programming possibilities. The group felt that it would be useful to get some feedback from a broad range of potential viewers and, to this end, has developed a questionnaire which will enable us to develop a screening program. Your assistance in responding to the questions included in the survey form will only take a few minutes, but will be most useful and very much appreciated.

A link to the questionnaire is provided below. Please pass this on to any friends who are interested in English-language films in Rome – either by EMail or your Facebook account.

Many thanks.