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Monthly Archives: August 2011

@ VPI News Blog: click here for the audio – > welcome aboard ( turn up the volume)

Hi there! Happily back on board after the summer hols? I’m sending out a ROUND ROBIN to all principle VPI members. Mid-september one of the three audio-suites of our new studio in Via dei Quattro Cantoni should be operative.  We have finaly reached our cruising altitude. Send me your clips, trailers, links, headshots, CVs and all the admin stuff please, so I can update the database server properly. thanx. Edwin


“I’m being offered $200 to record a 120-thousand word audio book. Do you think that’s a fair rate?” “A client wants me to voice a movie trailer for $150. Should I do it?” Not a day goes by without someone asking these types of questions on Facebook, LinkedIn and now on Google+ (the latest way to go around in circles)….

from Paul Strikwerda’s  Double Dutch / Nethervoice Blog  (09 August 2011)

courtesy Paul Strikwerda (c) 2011

read the interview  with Bodalgo’s Armin Hierstetter here – > Picking Bodalgo’s Brain.


Who is Paul Strikwerda?

Paul's Officiant Headshot

find out here ->


titolo originale:”Pora Mroku”, di Grzegorz Kuczeriszka (Germania, Polonia 2009) Italia 2010 “Time of Darkness” (film “terror”)

video ->

aaAAARGH! Edwin