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cover Shirley aka Gabriele

A sleepy little town in rural Italy seems like the perfect place to ‘hide out’ when you are on the run from INSTAPOL. At least that’s what Algernon Uberbite thought, when he packed his wife Cornelia, his son Alistair and his two faithful dogs Winston and Churchill into his (Rolls Royce)Silver Ghost and literally fled as fast as he could out of “Old Blighty’. Convinced, he would find the invisibility he so desperately needed, he headed towards the quaint little town of ‘Pastacula’, to stay in a run down Villa with his long time, Artist friend, Horatio. Alas, appearances can be deceitful and as Algernon soon discovers, ‘All is not what it seems’ and within just a few short days, the Uberbite family find themselves unwittingly involved in Art Fraud, Mafia Activities and an International Money Laundering Investigation. Follow the hilarious and unholy adventures of this Horribly Dysfunctional family as they create chaos and wreak havoc in the small rustic town of Pastacula.


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narration: Hilary Jane Bockham; featuring Amy Veevers-Chorlton as Cornelia and Edwin Alexander Francis as: Algernon Uberbite.

a VPI production; sound engineering: studiocolosseo: Domenico Carillo; sound design: Tony Caruso

this post is brought to you by courtesy of Voice Professionals Italy


Copyright © 2013 Gabriele Martin
All rights reserved.
ISBN-10: 1489514317
ISBN-13: 978-1489514318






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