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Your voice over, dubber or voice artist(e) can be your friend or foe. They can totally ruin your script – or they can turn your mediocre script into something vaguely acceptable. They can make your award-winning script into, well, an award-winning script – or not. But then YOU – as the producer or writer or director or engineer or account handler or client (especially client) – can do exactly the same. If you are in the “star-booking”(clean version) mode, remember that a lot of “tv/film stars” actually have rather boring, indistinguishable voices. Without their face in front of the listener/viewer they could be Mario Rossi. (Sorry Mario! This is a huge generalization – but try watching films/tv with your eyes closed.) Often screen/stage actors are not experienced at voice overs or dubbing (especially our American colleagues) and can be a complete waste of time & money – unless your client needs to bolster his/her image at the golf club. Having said that, there are some “minor TV personalities” and jobbing character actors who are just brilliant at voice overs. If you’ve got a friend who is an out of work actor – steer clear unless you’ve got the time to train them. Being a good dubber cum voice over artist(e) is only partly about the quality of the voice. It’s also about general skill levels developed through experience and application.


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this post is brought to you by courtesy of  VPI VoiceProfessionalsItaly


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