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“Twelfth Night”

by William Shakespeare

Teatro Belli, February 21-26.

Director: Douglas Dean

Rehearsals: January and February, two or three evenings a week plus either Saturday or Sunday. Technical rehearsal at Teatro Belli on February 20.

Please note that there will be two performances daily, except on the Sunday. Tuesday-Saturday there will be a 10.30am matinee performance and a 9pm evening show. Sunday’s show will be at 5pm.

I will be setting the play in the 1960s. It’s a decade that lends itself nicely to the slightly chaotic Illyria that Shakespeare has created.

The modern trend with this show is to play down the comedy and play up the pathos. I would like to buck this trend and direct a lively, fun and colourful Twelfth Night with bright (but believable) characters, so that the ‘darker’ moments stand out against the general lightness of tone.

The roles of Malvolio and Feste have been pre-cast and will be played by Michael Fitzpatrick and Micky Martin respectively. ALL THE OTHER ROLES ARE OPEN and will be cast following the audition (held).

If you COULDN’T make the audition but would like to be considered for a role then please e-mail me at the address given below. I may be able to arrange another audition day for you.

Any questions can be e-mailed to me at the Eternal Lines address.






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