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 Warner Bros. / Dark Castle / Doppiaggio italiano: CDC/Sefit 

 direttore:Roberto Gammino

Alessandro Rossi (Liam Neeson/ Dr. Martin Harris); Marco Mete ( Martin B. / Aidan Quinn); Franceso Prando (Prof. Bressler / Sebastian Koch); Vittorio De Angelis (Mido Hamada / Prince Shada); Federica De Bortoli (January Jones / Mrs. Elizabeth Harris), Claudia Catani (Gina /Diane Krueger) Bruno Alessandro (Bruno Ganz / Herr Juergen); Luciano De Ambrosis ( Frank Langella / Rodney Cole); Edwin A. Francis: german language consultant and dialogue coach & Matthias Weidenhoefer/Contro Room Guard (et. al.); various german voices: Ralph Palka, Alessandro Budroni; Julia Breiderhoff


* in the NYT  (18/02/11)  the review by Manhola Dargis makes THIS out of “Unknown” : (quote) << Yet despite its A-movie aspirations, as the chases continue and the plot holes widen, “Unknown” quickly settles into the familiar B-movie comfort zone, with mano-a-mano fights, missed phone calls, running and more running and a twist that keeps twisting until it breaks. >>

I personally enjoyed it as i also enjoyed working on the italian version ( with a whole bunch of top dubbers) It’s more than (quote) << amusing >> and it worx just fine. I’d give it a very entertaining A-grade (maybe an A  minus at the worst)


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