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The original Discovery Channel/ “Aquanauts” series  is now being shown on “Yacht & Sail” in the german language edition produced by us for SEDIF, Rome and RCS, Milan. Recorded @ the PCM/ADM studios, Rome.  Beamed over the ASTRA + Hot Bird satellite platforms in Switzerland, Austria and the FR of Germany, its also available from various nationwide and local CableTV providers…for some visuals (without our voice overs) here’s a link to Jim Gucciardo, one of the DPs website:

(stay tuned… there are something like 50 x 30′ episodes!)

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    • Edwin Alexander Francis
    • Posted April 7, 2010 at 5:04 pm
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    Mann, war das cool!

    Echt unglaublich. Die Größe von dem Ding…

    Das war echt super!

    Hast du die Größe von dem Skorpionfisch gesehen? ..Unglaublich. Der war so groß!

    Der Tintenfisch war cool.

    Schöner Tauchgang.

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